Verdicts & Settlements

Since starting his own firm in 1998, Daniel Y. Zohar is responsible for over $865 million in verdicts, settlements and administrative orders. A sampling of these results includes:

$4,250,000: Partnership dispute settlement (confidential).
$105 Million: Zohar prevails with jury in $105 Million real estate dispute. Detail »
Successful Defense: ZLF gets claims against Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs thrown out. Detail »
$250,000: Zohar secures large fee award for former ad executive. Detail »
Successful Defense: ZLF successfully defends Molded Devices, Inc. against investment bankers. Detail »
$250 million: Zohar wins $250 million award against State Farm. Detail »
$3,000,000: Bad faith insurance settlement (confidential).
$250,000: Legal malpractice settlement (confidential).
$16.5 Million: Premium reductions for Mercury policyholders statewide.
$700,000: Pre-filing settlement for members of inaugural class of graduate students at a Los Angeles private university, successfully pursuing claims of fraud.
$26 million: Blocked rate hikes helping over 300,000 California homeowner’s insurance policyholders.
$450,000: Sexual harassment (confidential).
$7.5 million: Arbitration ruling for oppressed minority shareholder of software company. Detail »
$1.5 million: Present value of over $10 million in lifetime payments to family of Belize bus driver in wrongful death action. Detail »
$450,000: Settlement for claims against negligent insurance broker.
Successful Defense: Successful defense of website domain use in dispute between celebrity acting coaches. Detail »
$250 Million: Annual savings to Allstate customers after proving auto insurance rates to be excessive. Detail »
$500,000: Legal malpractice settlement (confidential).
Statewide Settlement: Persuaded Allstate to remove illegal Your Choice Auto policies from the California market, affecting 150,000 consumers. Detail »
$23 million: Savings to thousands of doctors in California after striking down illegal insurance premiums. See press release.
$11 million: Insurance premium reduction for nearly 10,000 doctors in California.
$300,000: Settlement for victim of sexual assault against county employee for incident in juvenile detention center.
$750,000: Medical malpractice/wrongful death settlement.
$1.8 million: Wrongful death/medical malpractice.
$500,000: Medical malpractice settlement involving complications during heart surgery.
$1,660,000: Sanctions award in L.A. Superior Court for proving opponent’s discovery abuses.
$1.92 Million: Jury verdict on behalf of fired CEO who had been verbally promised stock options. Detail »
$1.52 Million: Arbitration award on behalf of advertising executive. Detail »