Present value of over $10 million in lifetime payments to family of Belize bus driver in wrongful death action

Stephen Ysaguirre was a young, hard working entrepreneur in his early twenties living in Belize, Central America. During a business trip to California in 1999, his life was tragically ended while driving on the I-5 interstate in rural Williams, California, north of Sacramento, when a careless truck driver crashed into his vehicle. Stephen left behind an infant daughter whose mother was unemployed.

The defense admitted liability, but claimed that Stephen’s wages over his lifetime would have been minimal since his past earnings were low, and that his daughter’s future needs should be discounted due to the low cost of living in Belize. Extensive discovery was performed, including depositions in Central California, Los Angeles, and Belize.

A comprehensive mock trial was performed near Williams, revealing a very conservative jury pool. However, despite these obstacles, and shortly before trial, the case was settled in 2001 for payments worth over $10 Million during the lifetime of Stephen’s daughter.