Business and Entertainment Litigation

Some deals that start with a handshake unfortunately lead to litigation. The Zohar Law Firm will work with you, creatively and cost-effectively, to help guide you and your business through difficult disputes.

Sharing the risk

The Zohar Law Firm recognizes that litigation is often unexpected and costly. Through innovative arrangements such as contingency and hybrid retainers, cost-sharing agreements, and equity deals, we have pursued claims in a manner that has controlled legal expenses and allowed our clients to dedicate resources to growing their business, rather than spending them on upfront legal fees.

The Zohar Law Firm has successfully prosecuted and defended business and entertainment claims in many areas including:

Business Litigation

Entertainment Litigation

Technologically Savvy

The Zohar Law Firm is also on the cutting edge with regard to electronic discovery and the use of courtroom technology. In this new digital age, law firms not experienced in undertaking electronic investigations or using the latest trial presentation techniques put their clients at an extreme disadvantage.

The Zohar Law Firm has been involved in highly sophisticated, and extremely successful, electronic discovery. In particular, our efforts have led to $1,660,000 in sanctions awarded in the Los Angeles Superior Court against our opposition due to the electronic discovery of concealed computer files.

We are also well-acquainted with the latest trial technology strategies. For example, Mr. Zohar was involved in a successful three-month long trial that incorporated over 800 hours of video testimony and thousands of digitalized documents. Mr. Zohar has regularly written and lectured on legal technology and digital trial tools.